I think today would be a good reminder that this former reality star makes most of her money now by trafficking women and an offspring has been one of her biggest earners.

She even sets up the foreign born A+ list model with clients, although doesn’t collect a fee on those.

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Yolanda Hadid denies claims she let Ghislaine Maxwell hide at her Pa. home

Yolanda Hadid has denied claims that she let Ghislaine Maxwell hide out at the family’s Pennsylvania farmhouse in November 2019.

The former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star and her supermodel daughter Gigi Hadid spoke out publicly following a series of tweets from Dutch journalist Henk Van Ess, who claimed he tracked Maxwell through her IP address.

Van Ess claimed the longtime Jeffrey Epstein associate had visited a doughnut shop in the vicinity of the Hadids’ farmhouse in New Hope, Pennsylvania, while also noting that she was “friendly with the Hadid family.”

He tweeted — then deleted — a post containing a link to an article about the Hadids’ home, writing, “Thanks to @NWOGaction here are some photos of the place #ghislanemaxwell near #doylestown probably stayed in – the farm of Dutch born Yolanda van den Herik, now called Yolanda Hadid.”

Yolanda refuted the allegations.

“I do not know or have ever associated with Ghislane- the first time I have heard about her or any of this was watching the documentary, like the rest of the world, on Netflix,” she tweeted, before accusing Van Ess of not contacting her for comment.

Van Ess’ tweets, some of which have since been deleted, were posted Thursday — the same day Maxwell was arrested on sex abuse charges.

Gigi came to her mother’s defense on Twitter, also accusing Van Ess of failing to contact Yolanda.

“My mom, clearly from her timeline, almost never uses the twitter app.. this was only brought to her attention by me bc fans were sending me your tweets,” Gigi wrote. – Source

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