You just know that in the next few days it will be leaked that this foreign born A list actress in her own country had some kind of s.e.x. tape her manager made and she was going to leave the manager and then she either killed herself learning he would release the video, or he killed her.

More likely the former.

Kim Mi-Soo

Disney+ Snowdrop actress Kim Mi-soo dies suddenly aged 29, leaving her family in ‘shock and grief-stricken’

The South Korean star died on Wednesday, her agency revealed

Kim recently gained popularity for her portrayal of student activist in Snowdrop

The actress was also known for her work in the Korean TV show Lipstick Revolution and the film Kyungmi’s World

Her agent did not reveal a cause for the unexpected death, only saying her family is in ‘shock and grief-stricken’.

Kim’s agency, Landscape, said in statement: ‘Kim suddenly left us on Jan. 5.

Kim gained popularity for her role on Snowdrop as Yeo Jeongmin, a student activist. She plays a fourth-year history student who shares a university dormitory with the main character, portrayed by Blackpink singer Jisoo.

She appeared in Netflix’s acting drama Hellbound, which beat Squid Game to become Netflix’s most watched show in November 2021. – Source

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