This foreign born former A- list actress who is probably B list now, does have a point when she says these two Oscar winners jumped on the #MeToo bandwagon despite getting involved with one of the worst people ever, in order to win those Oscars.

Minnie Driver

Gwyneth Paltrow , Jennifer Lawrence

Harvey Weinstein

They were complicit to get ahead’: Minnie Driver calls out ‘disingenuous’ stars who jumped on the #MeToo trend

Minnie Driver has spoken out about her ‘complex’ feelings surrounding the #MeToo movement, admitting that while it was ‘satisfying’ to see many female colleagues receiving justice, she also struggled watching ‘disingenuous’ women discuss their experience.

The movement went viral in 2017 following numerous sexual-abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein, with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lawrence and Uma Thurman leading a number of high profile stars discussing their experiences.

Minnie, 52, waded into the debate on Friday as she spoke about the movement on How To Fail with Elizabeth Day.

She recalled: ‘God, it was so satisfying. It was so amazing. It was just so amazing to finally feel all these women like a lot of whose stories I already knew, because you talk in the business, everybody knew everybody knew who not to be left alone in a room with.

‘Everybody knew to hear those publicly, to see them not being shouted down, to see these women going “Oh, my goodness, we can stand together. And if we stand together, then our voices are stronger.” It was so satisfying.

‘And then I’ve got to say the other part of that was the kind of astonishment that women that I knew were being super disingenuous about their involvement, women who had been completely complicit and wanted to get ahead by doing certain things, who were then suddenly standing up saying “yes, yes, it was awful. It was awful”.

‘I realised just, in a way that was another expression of the abuse of everybody, was that wanting to co-op the idea of being a victim later on having been completely fine with doing certain things is also being a victim of those things. So it was really complex.’

Minnie did not specify who she was referring to.

She continued: ‘It was kind of amazing. I didn’t feel like it was a witch hunt. I thought it was hilarious the amount of men who like “you know, we’re being falsely accused”. And it’s like, yeah, tell that to all the other witches.’ – Source

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