From the very first day of filming, this A+ list mostly movie actress had one thing on her mind. She was going to cheat on her A+ list mostly movie actor boyfriend. She was tired of his lame excuses about why he couldn’t have sex or why he was too busy to spend the weekend or vacation together. She was tired of him telling her that he was going to hang out with friends instead of her. It was just too much and it had been going on too long. Our actress got into a huge fight with him before she left to go film her movie and told him she wanted a man. Our actress had a slight problem though. She wanted someone who could be discreet so she picked an A list married mostly movie actor for her conquest. The guy didn’t stand a chance. He has a goody goody reputation, but has cheated so when our actress made her moves and put on the full court press, our actor was toast. It took her about two days to get the actor in bed and everyday she would sleep with our actor she would send an after report to her still boyfriend and pushing all his buttons to make sure he got good and jealous. She didn’t leave anything out. It was just graphic text after graphic text. He didn’t do anything about it though. He never came to the set to visit and seemed to enjoy her being gone. When our actress got back from filming, that was the end of the relationship with both her co-star and her boyfriend.

Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Actor Boyfriend: Jake Gyllenhaal
Married Actor: Paul Rudd
Movie: “How Do You Know”


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