The former A+ list reality star turned hated celebrity turned A list celebrity again, can’t even explain what a NFT is, but she is making millions promoting them.

Paris Hilton

From Reality TV To NFTs: How Paris Hilton Is Re-Writing Her Story

“When we had our first meeting, [the producer] said: okay, Nicole, we want you to be the troublemaker, and then Paris, you’ll be like the ditzy blonde,” Paris Hilton told me while reflecting on her hit 2000’s reality show The Simple Life.

After interviewing Hilton, it’s clear she’s anything but that “ditzy blonde.” For over 20 years, she’s stayed ahead of the curve with 65 million followers across social media, 19 product lines, $4 billion in revenue, and now launching her second NFT on Origin Story after her first sold for over $1.11 million.

With all she’s done, Hilton’s next chapter may be her most important yet. As NFTs bring the topic of “ownership” to the mainstream, it’s fitting that Hilton has become a leading voice as she re-claims ownership of her own narrative. This time, without the Hollywood producers telling her who to be or what to say. – Source

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