This former A list mostly movie actress who always seems so sunny and cheery and very peace and love is actually not so nice unless there is something in it for her. She also has rubbed her co-stars the wrong way. A lot. When is the last time you saw her star again with someone? A franchise where she was contractually obligated to. The only people she is nice to are those who make her money or know about her drug use even though she tries her best to keep it quiet. There is one A+ list mostly movie actor who referred to her as the c word and said he would never talk to her again. He hasn’t. He has had chances to make movies with her and has turned down millions of dollars and moved on to something better. The actor is foreign born. The men in her life are all subject to her wrath and all of them end up distancing themselves from her. She can be violent and petty and is the meanest person alive when she is drinking. Literally she will threaten to kill you. When she smokes pot is the only time she is friendly. Oh or for the cameras that used to follow her everywhere and that she longs for again. She used to make tons of movies. Ask yourself why she doesn’t any longer. No one likes her. Definitely not Anne Hathaway.

A list actress: Cameron Diaz
Franchise: “Shrek” or “Charlie’s Angels”
A+ actor: Daniel Day-Lewis “Gangs of New York”


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