This A- list actress who is the offspring of people similarly placed on the list is mostly television now and seemingly does a lot for this pay cable channel.

Anyway, she came as close as anyone to outing this A+ list actor.

Laura Dern

Bradley Cooper

Er, Laura Dern Just Shut Down Those Super-Awkward Bradley Cooper Dating Rumors

Alright, alright. I know that literally everyone and their mother is waiting with bated breath to see who Bradley Cooper is gonna end up dating following his split from his ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk. (Hi, Bradley, just throwing it out there that I am indeed available!) But at the same time, let’s not jump to conclusions, people! The dating rumors are exhausting for me everyone to keep up with but probably even more exhausting for the people who are actually part of it. In this case, that’s Big Little Lies’ Laura Dern.

In case you missed it and are thinking, When the heck did people think Bradley and Laura were dating? allow me to fill you in. Just after Bradley and Irina’s split in June, Bradley was spotted grabbing lunch with Laura in New York City in July…so naturally, people began to think there was a huge possibility that they were seeing each other. Welp, that rumor is totally false!

During an event in Los Angeles, Laura took the time to set the record straight on her and Bradley’s relationship status. As it turns out, they are just friends and likely intend on keeping it that way, tyvm. “We’re amazing friends. We’re so lucky. And we’re family,” Laura told Us Weekly on Saturday. “I mean, everybody’s always gonna comment about whatever seems intriguing, and he’s the greatest human and one of my best friends in the world. So I don’t blame anyone for having deep curiosity about his life ’cause he’s spectacular.” – Source

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