This TV and film Actress had a very messy split from her Athlete boyfriend years ago.

Since then, Actress has never spoken ill of Athlete.

However, the same can’t be said about the female celebrity who the Athlete was seeing at the time of the break up!

Even though she eventually married the Athlete, to this day the Wife does NOT trust the Actress!

[Wife] has got some big trust issues with [Athlete] and she is annoyed that [Actress] is one of those people who just can’t just go away.

She calls Actress “The Stalker” because Actress always wants to know where Athlete is. Wife thinks that if she ever left them alone in a room for two minutes that Actress would make another play for Athlete!

When Athlete was talking about Actress recently, Wife just lost it.

She was saying, “What are you, obsessed with her?

Stop talking about her already!” It didn’t help that a couple of days after this conversation Wife caught him reading something about Actress online.

Just one more conflict to toss onto the messy pile of Athlete and Wife’s marital woes!

Actress: Bridget Moynahan (she got married over the weekend)
Athlete: Tom Brady
Athlete’s wife: Gisele Bundchen


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