Back when this permanent A+ list singer was just getting some fame, this permanent A+ list mostly move actor who is an Oscar winner suddenly showed an interest in casting her in a movie.

Because of who he was, she took the meeting which was dinner.

All through dinner she could tell he was more interested in se.x with her than any movie. 

He tried to make a move after dinner, but she turned him down.

Fast forward six or nine months and she is a little more famous and he had another great year.

Our actor sends a gift to the singer of a car.

A very expensive car.

He then asks her out again under the pretense of another casting opportunity.

This time, he hosts the dinner at his home and says there will be multiple couples there.


Just him.

She knows what is going to happen.

She never called it rape or even se.xual assault, because she did say yes.

She called it the worst night of her life.

She never spoke to the actor again.

Hated him.

He would force her to confront him though by having his publicists leak casting rumors that she was going to be in his next project.

So, of course reporters would ask her about it and she would have to relive that night all over again.


Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner Forgives Madonna for Truth or Dare Diss

Kevin Costner has forgiven Madonna for making fun of him in her 1991 documentary Truth or Dare.

In the film, Costner visits Madonna backstage after a concert and describes the performance as “neat.” After he leaves, Madonna pretends to stick her finger down her throat and says, “Anybody who says my show is ‘neat’ has to go.”

“Yeah, I was embarrassed by it and kind of hurt by it,” Costner, 52, tells the L.A Times. “I just went back there because I was asked to go back. And I found the best word that I could. I never called her on it or whatever.”

A decade later, Madonna, to Costner’s surprise, made things right. “She did a really beautiful thing,” he says. “She was performing [in L.A.] about three or four years ago, so I decided to take my daughters to see her. I just thought this is somebody they should see. I didn’t call anybody for tickets, I just got tickets and we went down.

“And about the third song in, the lights were down, and she said, ‘I want to apologize to someone.’ And all of a sudden my face starts to get hot. … She says, ‘I want to apologize to Kevin Costner.’ She just said it very simply. Ninety-eight percent of that audience didn’t know what she was talking about. But I really respected that, and it showed me the power of just keeping your own counsel for a long time. …

“Whatever possessed her, whatever was inside her, she came to her own decision. And a bigger thing came out of some kind of humiliation. I never wrote her to say thank you, but I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, and that meant more to me than you could ever know.” – Source

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