This famous and very good-looking actor was involved in a relationship a couple of years ago with a celebrity who started out in a different field.

When they broke up after less than a year of dating, we thought it was because the relationship had simply completed its designated run.

Well, we’ve since learned that they suddenly stopped seeing each other for a completely different reason!

“She broke up with him because he had violated her trust.

He was supposed to be with her and only her, but he was going out, “getting drunk, picking up some very young, very skanky” partners, screwing them, and then throwing it back in her face.” Even though he was more famous than her, she thought that his antics would eventually be found out and publicized, making HER look bad.

They had an agreement, he broke it, she felt disrespected, and she broke up with him.

However, it didn’t end there.

“For some weird reason, instead of letting it go, he kept calling her and texting her and begging her to take him back!

She told him that he was “immature and had way too many issues.”

She told him that she wasn’t going to take him back.

She said that after that, “He totally went off the rails!””

We told you that this good-looking actor “totally went off the rails” when his girlfriend dumped him.

“The breakup blindsided him.

He was the bigger star and he just couldn’t believe that she would dump him like that.

He would not stop calling or texting her.

He became obsessed with her.

He was drinking a lot, too, and would drunk dial her and leave these weird, long, rambling messages, begging her to get back together.”

She told him to leave her alone.

He wasn’t ready to give up, though, so he dragged his family into the drama.

He had introduced the ex-girlfriend to his family while they were dating, and he knew that she liked them.

So he paid to fly out his entire family to support him.

They did so… but not necessarily just to help him win the girl back.

“His family liked [the ex-girlfriend a lot] and they knew how much he wanted to get back with her.

The WHOLE family flew out not just because they wanted to be there for him, but because they were also really concerned about his weird/self-destructive behavior!”

Eventually, after making a super-human effort to stop drinking, and after promising her that he would behave himself and not embarrass her, the actor won back his ex-girlfriend and they became a couple again.

Henry Cavill
Gina Carano


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