This celebrity annoys me. She always has. There are certain things I admire about her, but I still find her annoying and I hate how she is willing to throw any of her friends under a bus if it makes her look better. The celebrity was most likely going to grow up into a spoiled brat. She had already made good progress on that front until her celebrity parents got a big break which launched their daughter on society. Her fame was short lived because of her massive drug problem. Don’t be fooled by anything she says, it was massive. Rehab and overdoses were not unheard of words in her life. At the same time she was using she was also dealing to friends of about the same age. One of her biggest customers was an almost A list mostly television actress. That actress is now making straight to cable movies and trying to stay afloat financially. That actress also got some bad drugs from our celebrity and ended up in the hospital. Oh, and the drugs almost killed the sister of the actress. What did the celebrity do? Stopped talking to the actress and blamed the actress for taking too much. Our celebrity would cozy up to her friends or acquaintances who just got out of rehab and start using in front of them and get the friends hooked again and start selling to them. Nice huh? Yeah. When a celebrity would buy drugs from someone else our celebrity would trash them publicly and make up stories about the person and wouldn’t stop until the person started buying from our celebrity. Then she would kiss and make up and act like they were besties. Our celebrity still uses. She pretends she doesn’t, but she does. She bought a place where she takes drugs. Not her regular home but a very nice place in a very secure building where she can go for an hour during a night out and then join back up with people before they even miss her. Lately her drug use has really started to pick up and she has been missing events and showing up late and I know if she does go to rehab she will try and sneak in quietly. I wonder if anyone will try and sell her drugs when she gets out.

Celebrity: Kelly Osborne
Throws friends under the bus: “Fashion Police”
Parents big break: MTV “The Osbornes”
A list television actress and sister: Mischa Barton, Hania Barton


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