Let us not forget that this former wrestler turned author essentially stole her now husband from a former wrestler who she always said was her hero growing up.

AJ Lee

CM Punk

Amy Dumas

11 Bitter WWE Break Ups In Real Life

Lita and CM Punk

Karma at its finest. For those of you that do not know, the CM in CM Punk does not stand for “Chicago Made”, but for “Chick Magnet”. And just like his infamous 2011 pipe bomb, the name has its roots in real life. A slew of hot women had gone through the hands (and other body parts) of The Voice of the Voiceless, including Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, and Maria Kanellis before CM Punk placed his eyes on Amy Dumas, a.k.a the flying rebel Lita. The chick magnet worked, and so the anti-culture duo dated for the first time in 2009, then broke up, then reignited their love in 2013 and remained a couple for another year. But then, Punk’s CM got attracted by someone else – AJ Lee, who, in an ironic twist of fate, was a massive fan of Lita.

It was rumored that Punk would woo AJ Lee while still together with Lita, and that could have explained the break-up. And as you might know it, after parting ways with Lita, CM Punk went on to marry the other anti-hero eccentric female wrestler. Lita was apparently so heart-broken that she downright refused to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame if CM Punk was still wrestling for the company. Luckily for her (but not for us), Punk left the company only a few short months before Lita’s intended 2014 Hall of Fame induction. But still, the irony and the karma behind CM Punk’s most recent love triangle must have left a scar in Lita’s heart. – Source


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