Source: Crazy Days and Nights

Old Hollywood

Back in her pre-fame days, this A++ list actress who was a modestly successful a movie star (but conquered another medium instead) did anything she could to earn a quick buck between the chorus girl and modeling gigs.

Yes, for a brief period she was an es.cort.

She aimed high, hoping to snag a Broadway producer or a millionaire, but she usually landed mobsters.

One mobster, who was a member of Al Capone’s gang, eventually became a steady boyfriend for a while. Towards the end of their relationship, he nearly killed her.

After a date night, he thought he heard a cop car siren and he sped as fast as he could eventually crashing the car in a ditch.

Bear in mind, this was in the doldrums of winter and the weather was below zero.

Our future star was left for dead in the ditch, her boyfriend did get minor injuries, until a passerby saw the two of them and rushed to a hospital.

She was suffering from hypothermia but managed to pull through.

After that night, she abandoned the es.corting and the boyfriend for good.

Lucille Ball

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