When you commit a se.xual battery offense and then make the woman’s life miserable until she finally wins a massive judgment against you and takes you for everything you have, you shouldn’t then commit a fraud against approximately 250 people who are now all going to sue you for scamming them out of nearly $1M.

The Game

The Game Must Pay Sexual Assault Accuser $7 Million After Losing Appeal

The Game took another loss in his ongoing legal battle with Priscilla Rainey, who sued the rapper for sexual assault.

The United States Court of Appeals has rejected the Game’s request for a new trial, meaning he is still required to pay Rainey $7.1 million in damages. The court announced the decision Thursday, more than four years after the plaintiff filed the civil suit as TMZ points out.

The complaint states the sexual assault occurred in 2015, when Rainey was a contestant on the Game’s VH1 reality show She’s Got Game. Rainey said she had agreed to meet the rapper at a Chicago sports bar for a date, but was unaware that it would be off-camera. According to the lawsuit, the Game—legal name Jayceon Terrell Taylor— showed up to the restaurant “highly intoxicated on alcohol and drugs (which was typical), and sexually assaulted plaintiff on several occasions that night. This included him forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks.”

Rainey won her case in 2016 and was awarded $7.1 million after the Game failed to appear in court. The fact that the rapper was a no-show for the initial hearings was a big factor in the appeals court’s decision. Circuit Judge Diane Sykes also pointed to the Game’s online attacks against Rainey, who he accused of simply being bitter over her elimination from the show. – Source

The Game Accused of Scamming Unknown Rappers

The Game is caught up in an alleged scamming scheme.

At a time when economic hardship is especially rampant, many people are going to desperate lengths to try to make some extra money. Up-and-coming musicians are in a uniquely difficult place right now considering the lack of opportunity for booking shows or finding worthwhile collaborators. According to recent accusations, The Game has been taking advantage of the situation by offering new rappers a chance at some big-name promotion and ultimately failing to deliver on his promise.

A lengthy Instagram post by thefoocommunity claims that the Compton rapper has been hitting up young artists on social media and charging them $1000 or more for a mixtape feature.

Given The Game’s bigtime fame and success in the hip hop world, rappers, of course, jumped at the opportunity only to find that their features were being posted on The Game’s secondary and unverified Soundcloud account, meaning that these artists were only receiving a few hundred listens instead of the many thousands of plays they would get through The Game’s main account. Many people, including the rappers allegedly victimized by this false advertising, call the move a deliberate scam on The Game’s part. Still, the accusations are only hearsay at this time. – Source

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