This former A list tween actress was at the top of her game before hitting the meth pipe.

She not only lost her job on a very hit tween show but lost any kind of momentum in the acting world.

She straightened out her life and started to get some work again.

The process was slow.

It is hard enough to move from the tween world to the adult world of acting, but with her reputation proceeding her, it was even more difficult. Things were getting better and then about a year ago she ran into this three named actress who is basically Satan with a SAG card.

Sucking the life out of anyone with whom she comes into contact, our former tweener actress started hanging out with her and the next thing you know, drugs were back on the table and her revamped career was on the floor.

No work coming and the one gig she did have lined up, she got fired from.

Satan with a SAG card: Evan Rachel Wood
Former A list tween actress: Lalaine Vergara-Paras


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