The ginger haired one is rewriting history with his notion that paps killed his mom and not a very drunk driver.

Prince Harry

Princess Diana

Prince Harry got his chauffeur to drive him at 65mph through the Paris tunnel where his mother died so he could ‘get closure’ and experience how her final journey would have felt, his biography reveals

In 2007, the now father-of-two – who was 23 at the time – was in the French capital for the Rugby World Cup.

While being driven around the city, Prince Harry recalled how he asked to be taken through the Alma underpass where Princess Diana died on 31 August 1997.

He also requested that they go through the tunnel at 65 miles per hour – the same speed Princess Diana’s chauffeur was driving at when the tragic accident happened.

Harry recounted the driver was shocked when he asked him if he knew the tunnel were his mother had died, and asked him to drive him through it.

The royal revealed he barely felt anything when he entered the tunnel, writing it was: ‘The bump that supposedly sent Mummy’s Mercedes veering off course.’

He recounted how he counted the lights and the pillar inside the tunnel as his car whizzed through, but was shocked at how short the tunnel actually was when he emerged.

Harry recalled imagining the tunnel was a dangerous route, but was surprised to learn it was a ‘no-frills tunnel’.

He recounted speaking to William about the tunnel where their mother had died after he had made the journey through it himself.

The pair then agreed to travel through it once more, together, after which Harry says they talked anout their mother’s accident for the first time.

Following an investigation into Diana’s death, Harry described the final report as ‘an insult’ and ‘a shambles’ which he believed was inaccurate.

The royal added that he told his bodyguard and driver that there was no reason anyone should die in the Alma tunnel.

He then revealed he asked the driver to drive him through the tunnel three times in total.

He writes that he came to the conclusion that the report conclusion saying that Diana’s driver was drunk was ‘absurd’ and ‘simplistic’.

Harry recalled thinking that even a driver who was ‘drunk as a skunk’ would have had no trouble driving through the Pont de l’Alma tunnel.

Harry wrote that he thought the experience would bring him the ‘closure he wanted’ but it sadly had the opposite effect.

He said that going through the tunnel put an end to the questions and doubts he had about his mother’s death, and made him realise she was gone for good.

Afterwards, he got drunk and wandered around central Paris.

In the book, he recounts that he got so drunk he became violent with his bodyguards.

Following their conversation the brothers wanted to take action further in finding out the truth behind Diana’s death and planned to request that the investigation be reopened.

After revealing he and William wanted to call a press conference to annouce their joint decision, Harry recalled being ‘dissuaded by the decision-makers’.

In the book, Harry also recounted getting in touch with a woman ‘with powers’ – without using the terms psychic of medium – in order to speak to his mother. The woman allegedly relayed a message from Diana telling him he was living the life she was unable to live herself. – Source

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