This celebrity with A-list name recognition is an idiot. She is obsessed with gossip blogs, magazines, and feebly attempts to control the press and how she is portrayed. The problem is, the more she tries, the less it seems to work and the worse she looks. She has been obsessed with having a baby for a couple of years now, but it looks like modern science isn’t going to allow that to happen. That, and she doesn’t seem to have any willing participants handy. So she hatched a stupid plan to fake a pregnancy, and then tragically miscarry. I know…how very ‘Teen Mom’ of her, right? Recently she had her assistant call a local maternity store and requested a couple of hours of private shopping after they had closed. The shop complied, and all signed confidentiality agreements. The celebrity was a complete nightmare, probably a little drunk, and tore the store up so badly looking for clothes, the staff had to stay an extra hour, on top of the two already spent working overtime, putting the store back together. The celebrity bought a couple thousand dollars worth of stuff, but nothing they could wear past the second trimester. She snapped several photos of herself trying on clothes with the strap on baby pillow while she was there, and also asked if she could buy the pillow. The store declined, but the pillow was missing when they cleaned out the dressing room. How do we know this is all a scheme and not an actual pregnancy? Well, she kept asking her assistant if it looked ‘real’ and had the assistant take her picture at several different angles so she could ‘avoid a Beyonce’. And she also went on and on to the staff about how excited this miracle is going to be for her husband, because they hadn’t found a way to git ‘er done, so to speak. She also told her assistant that she could sell everything on ebay after ‘it’s over’. The set up is in…miracle pregnancy…tragic miscarriage…returned to ‘America’s Sweetheart’ status, nothing better than some sympathy and a sweet weight loss gig to follow. This is not the Jonas brother and his wife, by the way. They chickened out of their scheme when Blind Gossip outed it. It’s also not Lindsay Lohan, Khloe Kardashian, or Christina Aguilera.

LeAnn Rimes


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