The one named always broke A- list rapper is going to use his new management company as a way to meet women and connect them with men.

If any person he signs does have actual talent, he will have to turn them over to any of the dozens of people he owes money to.


Tyga signs management deal with London Entertainment

Tyga has signed a management deal with London Entertainment, according to Billboard. The Los Angeles-based company is lead by Dre London and is home to many artists like Tyla Yaweh and Post Malone.

“Tyga resonates with fans all over the world because of his feel-good music and vibe,” London tells Billboard. “I’ve seen and studied his global appeal and over the last two years, I’ve also come to know him as a friend. Together, we will take his genuine magic to the next level.”

Tyga is just as excited to join his new management company.

“The success Dre has had with Post Malone is definitely a huge selling point,” the “Rack City” rapper tells Billboard. “But I’m also excited because I believe you meet some people for a certain reason. Being a manager is more than just about the music. It’s everything that has to do with the artist’s life; a 360-degree thing. Dre is someone who also cares about the artist as a person and not just about the business. It’s important to be surrounded by people who actually care.”

Last year, Tyga signed a multi-million dollar deal with Columbia Records. According to Variety, the rapper made the decision to sign with his global fans in mind.

“They definitely understand the global brand,” he said. “I have a lot of fans worldwide — in places I’ve never been like South America, and in places I have been like Asia and Europe. They can help bring that to a larger scale. Doing it independently, you don’t really have those teams to help worldwide. Sony, if you look at the history from what they’ve done from Pharrell to Beyonce to Adele — then you look at Lil Nas X, one of their new artists that’s blown up this year — they’ve done a lot for artists globally, for their brand. That’s why I wanted to partner up with them.” – Source

Tyga sued for more than $200K in unpaid rent and damages

There’s no Kylie Jenner to get him out of trouble this time.

Tyga is being sued by his landlord for $200,000 for failure to pay rent and damaging the home he lived in for about a year. In legal documents, which were obtained by TMZ, the landlord claims the “Rack City” rapper, 30, owes $32,000 in unpaid rent and another $28,000 for gouges to the white oak flooring, $15,500 for issues with the marble flooring and counters and about $103,000 for the damaged wallpaper and murals.

The landlord also claims Tyga installed a basketball hoop in the driveway, which caused damage, and changed the locks on the house, both without his authorization.

Tyga’s landlord claimed he tried to settle the dispute in May through mediation, but Tyga allegedly wouldn’t engage. Now, he’s suing for breach of contract and is asking for more than $200,000 in damages. – Source

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