This A list news anchor/host is using his position to protect his former boss from exposure.

The anchor has pressured other network hosts and news division heads to make sure to never report on his former employer’s se.xual misdeeds.

George Stephanopoulos

Bill Clinton

The Stephanopoulos Mess – 2015

Former Clintonland insider George Stephanopoulos, who has excelled at both politics and journalism, appears to have failed both professions with a single transgression.

As my POLITICO colleague Dylan Byers reported today, ABC News’ “This Week” and “Good Morning America” host Stephanopoulos has donated a total of $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation, something he had not previously disclosed to viewers or his employers. In a statement to Byers, Stephanopoulos apologized for not disclosing the gifts. ABC News called the oversight an “honest mistake,” a sentiment Stephanopoulos amplified in an afternoon interview with Byers.

“We stand behind him,” the network also offered, which is corporate-speak for we will bind George in barbed wire and dump him into a surging storm sewer and drive off into the night the minute he becomes an intolerable distraction.

The donation corrodes much of the journalistic credibility Stephanopoulos has labored so carefully to build since joining ABC News as a correspondent and analyst in December 1996. Stephanopoulos critics were many at the time of his appointment, predicting his crack-up even before he completed his first assignment. The Los Angeles Times’ Howard Rosenberg spoke for many when he prophesied that Stephanopoulos would not be able to “shed his intense loyalty for Clinton in his new role.” Stephanopoulos worked hard to do just that through his 1999 memoir about his time as an adviser to President Bill Clinton, “All Too Human: A Political Education.” In the book, he distanced himself from the president, much to the disparagement of Clinton loyalists like Mandy Grunwald and to the disappointment of Clinton himself. – Source

George Stephanopoulos is branded ‘petty and pathetic’ for ‘whining’ over Chief Anchor role and threatening to quit the network because David Muir had been promoted when he earns at least $15million-a-year

Stephanopoulos, 60, has been at ABC since 1997 and has been Chief Anchor since 2014

Earlier this year, David Muir, 47, was given the Chief Anchor’s responsibilities of leading special coverage, but without the title

He is said to have brokered the deal two years ago but was told he’d have to wait until 2020 – when Stephanopoulos’ commitments were winding down

When Stephanopoulos – who earns $15million a year- found out about it earlier this year, he was irate and threatened to walk
Disney boss Bob Iger flew from California to New York to offer him a deal to stay

Stephanopoulos will now be producing content for Disney-owned platforms Hulu and National Geographic

He is also going to be given his own production company by Disney to make content with his wife, Ali Wentworth

ABC staffers slammed the ‘pathetic’ power struggle and say George needs a reality check

Muir earns at least $5million-a-year and is the host of World News Tonight – Source

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