This daytime talk show host says one thing out of their mouth, but for years, they were one of the behind the scenes reasons why another separate Pride parade had to be set up in south Los Angeles.

Ellen DeGeneres

Pride Forever: EW’s LGBTQ issue celebrates new storytellers, enduring icons, and Hollywood history

How do you gin up a celebration in the midst of a global pandemic? For our annual Pride issue, EW editors turned to the power of art.

Our June cover is always a salute to LGBTQ entertainers. But this year we were faced with some pretty daunting hurdles.

We had big dreams: To bring Pride festivities home to an audience an unable to participate in big parades and parties, and to pay homage to Hollywood’s LGBTQ storytellers — past, present, and future.

But marking the month with some big, elaborate, social distance shattering photo shoot was definitely out.

For our cover illustration and the opening spread of our Pride package, Hughes worked closely with EW deputy design director Chuck Kerr to place 18 iconic LGBTQ stars in an imaginary party in the Hollywood Hills.

“As an LGBTQ+ artist, I know how important representation in the media is,” says Hughes. With painstaking attention to detail, he juxtaposed legends of the past with stars of today and a rising new generation of talent.

The result? The kind of bash we’d all dream of going to: with Rock Hudson rubbing elbows with Ellen DeGeneres, Marlene Deitrich cutting a rug with Cynthia Nixon, Freddie Mercury warmly greeting Janelle Monáe, and Ryan Murphy showing up wearing Liberace’s cape. – Source

Ellen DeGeneres Is an Anti-Feminist Egomaniac – And She Needs to Be Stopped

Ellen has made calculated moves on-screen. From forcing pregnant Mariah Carey to drink champagne to shaming Dakota Johnson. When will it end?

When most stars book an appearance on Ellen, they think it’s going to be a smooth ride. But it’s been reported by more than one guest that it’s far from it. | Source: Joe Seer/ Image Edited by

We all know that Ellen’s antics have been coming to light over the past few weeks, but the clues have been there for a while.
While most of her bad behavior happens behind the scenes, there have been some very ugly moments on her show, too.
Ellen is all about viewing figures and isn’t as much of a saint as she looks. When it comes to being an egomaniac, she’s at the top of her game.

Ellen DeGeneres is finally facing a barrage of criticism for her years of bad behavior toward her crew. But while it may look like Ellen has kept all of her devious antics far away from her on-screen holier-than-thou persona, that hasn’t always been the case.

Her egomaniacal tendencies have seeped through on several occasions, like pus from a badly covered wound. – Source

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