Fans of this guy with the messy hair style are forever debating his romantic exploits.

Well, we have several updates that should clarify things for you!

First of all, he is no longer dating that guy who is involved with the music industry (but who is not a singer).

They are still friends and still hang out together, but Messy Guy has moved on to another guy whose job has a similar description.

Secondly, he and his Ex are getting along much better lately.

No, they are not back together.

Yet. Third, as of today, that short-term PR relationship he is in with a young female celebrity is still scheduled to end before Valentine’s Day.

If there are any more extensions, we’ll let you know.

Messy Guy: Harry Styles
Music Industry Guy 1: Nick Grimshaw
Music Industry Guy 2: Ben Winston
Ex: Louis Tomlinson
PR Girlfriend: Kendall Jenner


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