This famous model wants to convince you that she is a great humanitarian and intellectual.

She recently taped an interview about her life.

Perhaps she is trying to correct some recent image issues – or perhaps she is just trying to sell something – but she REALLY wants you to take her seriously!

She spends a lot of the interview talking about spirituality, social responsibility, “mother earth”, her charitable work, etc.

Perhaps she is trying to become the next Angelina Jolie?

She also wants you to think she is an intellectual.

She says, “I wanna meet with Noam Chomsky.

I’m meeting with all these amazing people.

[I’m meeting with] these amazing professors at MIT.

I’m just so interested in what these people have to teach me.”


Jada Pinkett Smith calls her stepson her “bonus child.”

Leann Rimes thought she deserved some attention on Mother’s Day because she is a “bonus mom” to her husband’s two children with Brandi Glanville.

If those two labels annoyed you… prepare to be annoyed again!

In an interview that will be broadcast soon, a famous model discusses her athlete husband and her husband’s child.

The model and the athlete had just started dating when she “found out the same day the press found out” that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant with his baby.

She does not blame her husband for anything that happened.

She describes the athlete as a “sweet, gentle, kind, loving” man, full of “humility”, who “doesn’t even know how good looking he is.”

On the other hand, she describes the media as “heartless and mean” for sensationalizing the ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy.

She admits that when she found out about the pregnancy, she “wanted to run away.”

Gradually, though, she came around and now says, “I couldn’t ask for a sweeter bonus child.”

Gisele Bündchen
Husband: Tom Brady
Ex-girlfriend: Bridget Moynahan


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