One of the first story lines being developed for the heroic TV family will be the donor story line.

While it is incredibly generous to offer to give your body parts away to help someone you know, the people involved already know that they are not a donor match.

Thus, it will all just be a lot of talk about how selfless they are and how they got tested but they were rejected because of “incompatibility” issues.

If one of them was really determined to become a donor, they would have the option of being part of a donor “exchange” (where you donate an organ as part of a chain of people, one of whom is compatible with the recipient).

However, the marketing on that doesn’t have quite the same P.R. impact as saving a celebrity’s life because you gave them an organ directly.

So it will just be a lot of talk going nowhere.

Rob Kardashian to donate kidney to Lamar Odom


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