VERY few know about our mystery lady’s fetish for Black men — a secret DL thang her reported bi-sexual father is said to share with her. Don’t believe me.. Ask Pete Wentz. This ‘Chicken Head of The Sea’ is now being outed! Know why? Sources say she made Young Jeezy’s long list of industry hoes who busted it wide open for him. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the “Come On Over” singer’s BFF, Cacee Cobb — who knows all about the time our Blond blind item shared a three-day long smash session with the rapper, inside her Sin City hotel suite. We’re told it all went down back in 2007, during Las Vegas’ annual Magic Show convention. That’s where our mystery woman was in attendance to promote her now-Billion dollar worth fashion empire. “During the convention she sent her sidekick Cacee to do her dirty work, as usual, having her approaching Young Jeezy — while he was promoting his U.S.D.A. clothing line.” Did Jeezy’s smash session with our blind item [NOT Christina Aguilera] inspire the rapper create the track “WHITE GIRL” (FEAT. U.S.D.A.) — releasing it the same year of his sexual encounter with our singer/reality star/business mogul? Of course! Just ask Slick Pulla. Now, can you guess which Texas native I’m talking about?

Jessica Simpson


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