Apparently sleeping with as many people as possible has paid off for the celebrity/reality star who is only famous for sleeping with a married A+ lister.

Our mistress is in consideration to be a Housewife.

If that is the case, she should probably stop yachting with the married guys, before the cameras start rolling.

Rachel Uchitel

Tiger Woods

Real Housewives of New York


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Real Housewives of New York: Rachel Uchitel May Replace Dorinda Medley

Fan favorite Dorinda Medley has recently been fired from Real Housewives of New York, and Bravo may be looking at the famed Rachel Uchitel as her replacement. The show has been shaken to the core due to the axing of such a star, and with the kind of history that Rachel trails behind her, does she have what it takes to fill Medley’s spot?

“Make it nice” housewife Dorinda joined the show in 2015 during its 7th season and won fans over with her opinionated nature and memorable one-liners. But fans have seen that all good things can come to an end. Dorinda Medley’s departure from the show has made fans sad, as many related to (and praised) her for her quick wit and street smarts. However, the fact that she’s left the show is less of a decision than a requirement. It was reported that producers actually fired the mother-of-one for drinking-related problems throughout the show. Sadly, such news came on the heels of her losing her good friend, Jon Griswold. After Dorinda lost her job on the popular show, she took to Instagram to get ahead of the story. She spread the news herself, leaving devastated fans to wonder who would take her spot. – Source

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