It is always interesting when this permanent A list celebrity/singer releases a new album or a new year falls upon us because it is usually when she also says hello to a new lover.

A female lover.

Our long long married celebrity discovered she is a lesbian about three years after she was married.

Her husband didn’t care because he had more eclectic taste when it came to sex and his wife was not very cooperative or good at giving him what he wanted.

He found what he wanted in a string of very well paid escorts and hookers who his wife signed to very strict confidentiality agreements. Meanwhile our celebrity started off with just a foot or two in the water.

Barely even a toe because she was so scared of being discovered.

A bit of a cruel lover our celebrity has moved on over the years and now prefers women in college who are looking to work for the celebrity for a year or two and be her plaything as they travel the world together or just stay in bed for days while the staff takes care of the children and the student takes care of her mistress.

This process has been going on for two decades.

A steady stream of students from only two locations in the world.

Now though there are whispers that our singer is tired of the endless parade and is ready to settle down with one who has now been with our singer for just over two years which is a record.

There is even talk that our singer will actually come out and doesn’t care what fans think any longer or her very conservative family.

Celine Dion


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