This A list celebrity/reality star/former tweener loves to find women to cheat with quietly.

He doesn’t trust any woman other than some escorts who have signed agreements and been paid a ton of money.

He thinks there is no warmth to them at all so he figured out a way about two years ago to get what he wants and hopefully keep him safe from being ratted on.

It is also kind of creepy.

Our guy stays on the road a lot.

In fact, even though he is married, he is probably in a hotel room 95% of the time.

Nice hotels. Very nice. With rich families.

Our guy seeks out the older teens traveling with their rich parents. He finds them at pools and in the lobby or talks a little longer when they want his autograph or photo.

Through some careful talking and gauging interest he usually can find one a day at least to join him in his hotel room.

The teen gets away from the parent easily for an hour and our guy gets someone devoted to him for no money and who is desperate to keep his secret and pray they are going to be the next Mrs.

Nick Lachey, Mario Lopez


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