Today’s blind item turned to a high demand industry jumpoff, following her split from one Black Skin Head. Know why? Because this Flower isn’t just a pro with a strap-on, she’s also up to par with top group sex and dominatrix skills. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Reggie Bush. Sources tells us this freaky Floral female uses her anus to consume ecstasy and molly … to increase the pleasure of backdoor activities. Just ask Amare Stoudemire. Aside from the rappers she’s known to be connected to, there’s a list of other celebs she’s reported to have busted it wide open for (and/or stickin’ her strap-on to) — including Eddie Murphy, Young Jezzy, Chris Brown, Akon, Puffy and Cassie. But, there’s one lyricist who we’re told she stepped to, only to be turned down … Jay Z. Just ask Tata. Our domineering mystery woman recently married her “well-trained slave” — who’s said to follow all orders she puts down. But that doesn’t mean she follows suit. Know why? Sources say while she sniffs white lines in their home, he’s forced to take his weed -smokin’ outside! Now, he’s being dubbed a girlyman, expected to soon be seen in skirts. That’s because we’re told he’s got a secret fetish for dressing in drag. So what’s her fetish? An insider says “makin’ punany’s purrr.” Don’t believe me.. Just ask Madonna – or – Adrienne Bailon.

Amber Rose


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