Last week I did a few crazy hookups where I gave you one half of the couple and made you guess the other half. I almost did it again with this one, but, it’s pretty easy, so figured you could get it without the extra help. Oh, and this one will be revealed. So, imagine if you will a reality star. At the time she was an A list reality star. She is still almost an A list celebrity. She hooked up with this A+ list mostly movie actor who is still A+ list. Both of them had been drinking heavily and our reality star was also known for doing things other than booze, and had been having some considerable helpings of the other stuff. Our actor had no idea who she was, but at this party, she had been eyeing him and knew exactly who he was and also was desperate to stay in the public eye and thought that he would be a great catch and was perfectly willing to fuck him if needed. She made it very clear she would and the two of them left the party together. They went back to where he was staying and started fooling around and the time came to do the deed and the guy couldn’t. Not even the tiniest bit at attention. Drinking? Drunk? Not interested? Our celebrity tried some other tricks but couldn’t manage to get him going. The actor took some chemical help and they sat around and waited and during that time, she realized that she didn’t even like the guy that much, but figured she could close her eyes and be done with it and he is and was really good looking. After almost an hour, our actor still wasn’t getting close and our celebrity was growing less and less fond of the actor and when he suggested a different trick to get him in the mood, our celebrity said she had to go and left. She had been driven there by the actor, but just walked out and walked down the street and called a cab and got out of there and never spoke to the actor again.

Paris Hilton, Leonardo DiCaprio


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