Never has this former A- list actor/reality star/frequent arrestee/s.e.x.u.a.l harasser/drug user been in more demand.

Our actor is essentially shuttling between several YouTubers in the Las Vegas area who all live in RV’s and compete each day to see who can live stream the actor 24/7 and bring in bucks. They all promise him things (not money) and for a day or week he might stay with one YouTuber and then get tired of them or get a better offer and move in with a different YouTuber.

The battles between the YouTubers over the actor has involved the police being called numerous times.

Andy Dick

Andy Dick Arrested While On YouTuber’s Livestream, Faces Felony Sexual Assault Charges

Comedian Andy Dick was arrested today by Orange County Sheriff’s deputies on charges of felony sexual assault.

Dick had been staying with a group of people living out of their RVs in an Orange County campground and livestreaming their lives together on the Captain Content YouTube Channel. According to a man named Maximiliano in the group, one of the members alleged Dick “molested” him recently.

Orange County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched about 9 a.m. this morning to the Trabuco Canyon campground, where a man alleged he had been sexually assaulted by the comedian, said Orange County sheriff’s Sgt. Scott Steinle. Dick is being held on $25,000 bail, according to jail records.

“Did anyone witness anything last night — last night or this morning — anything unusual?” one of the deputies is heard to ask Maximiliano and a woman named Jessica as they livestream the events.

While their responses are unintelligible, Maximiliano is heard to explain that the comedian has been saying in one of their friends’ RVs.

“He lets Andy stay there. He’s been staying there for a while…Camping.” – Source

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