At one point in time, this A+ list mostly movie actor was living in over thirty different hotel rooms scattered all over the world.

In each hotel room he had a woman stashed or available to be stashed there in a moment’s notice.

Our actor would like you to believe he is a goody goody but he really isn’t all that wholesome.

He is just much better at not showing off for the media and knows how to keep his personal life personal.

Our actor always said he preferred living in hotels.

Everyone assumed it was because he was so busy.

Nope. It was because it was a way for him to juggle all the women in his life without any of the other women catching on. Our actor said if he had a place to live that all the other women would wonder why he was taking them to a hotel.

Our actor had actresses and hookers and waitresses in these hotel rooms.

When he felt like one of them he would fly back or drive across the city and spend some time with the woman he let stay there.

At the peak when he had thirty hotel rooms at the same time he was spending about $300K a month on hotel rooms.

He said it was worth it.

He would have room service and hotel bars and there were no cameras and no paps and he said this is how he found the perfect woman for him.

It also proved to be a disaster when one B list mostly movie actress he dated forever discovered his little secret.

She broke up with him and never spoke to him again and even sold stories about him to the tabloids.

Another B list mostly movie actress found out about the others in other hotel rooms and didn’t even care because she was so far lost in her own world of drugs and booze.

A+ movie actor: Johnny Depp
B list actress #1: Winona Ryder
B list actress #2: Christina Ricci


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