This celebrity chef can’t do a lot of talking because of a non disclosure agreement, but she has been doing these online improv workshops.

Her way around the NDA is to suggest “topics” for the improv group which invariably are about her much higher on the list ex. One “topic” she recently suggested was her surprising her boyfriend at a hotel where he was staying for work, and not being allowed into the hotel until he finished having s.ex with the woman that was inside the hotel and her being secreted out of the hotel after.

Sandra Lee

Governor Andrew Cuomo


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Sandra Lee on moving out of longtime home: ‘This entire thing has torn me apart’

Earlier this week, Sandra Lee moved out of the home she lived in for over a decade, and the celebrity chef is experiencing a lot of mixed emotions about the change.

As Christmas approaches, the TODAY Food star is feeling a bit nostalgic for the time she spent in the Mount Kisco, New York, home with her ex, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

On Wednesday, Lee posted a series of photos that showed the house all decorated for the holidays, and the 54-year-old told fans she’s missing her old home.

“I woke up Early this morning and all I could do is look at beautiful pictures of how I decorated Lily Pond for the holidays. Hoping for some inspiration,” she wrote on Instagram.

Lee and Cuomo, 63, announced their breakup in September 2019 after 14 years together and referred to their property as “Lily Pond.” As the chef prepares to start the next phase of her life, she told fans that she’s wondering what will come next.

“How am I very going to rebuild my life – I don’t think it’s possible. It took me a lifetime to build that home,” she wrote.- Source

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