As method as this A-/B+ list Academy Award winner/nominee mostly movie actress is about her roles is nothing compared to what she has done the past several months.The actress was at a party about six months ago. It was a bunch of rich people and our actress said she was bored out of her mind and started drinking. One thing led to another and she started doing shots with a guy. They didn’t speak the same first language but the guy got the point across that he was going to Africa a few days after the party because he was installing some mini-water purification plants and also stoves that could be used for cooking and just a whole other laundry list of stuff. Our actress got his card and went home. That night she pulled up the website of the NGO the guy worked for and saw the NGO had to cut back to one trip a year to supply communities because their funding had dried up because of sexier other causes. The NGO used to make six trips a year to six different communities. The one trip had been decided by lottery by pulling a community name literally out of a hat. Our actress, who has taken some rightful flak in the past for her choices made sure she looked into this thoroughly and two days later was on a plane to Africa with the guy she had met at the party. A week later she was back at her second home and writing out a big check which paid for two more trips of supplies this past summer with our actress spending three weeks in Africa with no bathroom or showers or internet or phone service. She says she went six days on one of the trips before she even saw someone who had a cell phone and it was a satellite phone. Our actress says she gave $100K which isn’t much to her and that she plans on giving $1M to the NGO which would allow them to make one trip a month next year.

Hilary Swank (Chechen event)



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