Before the actress was added to the cast of RHOBH, a different name was floated to this producer/talk show host and he said no way would he ever hire her.

The woman has appeared on multiple reality shows, mostly of the network variety and in my opinion is one of the reasons her actor boyfriend died.

Omarosa Manigault Newman

Michael Clarke Duncan

Blind item revealed

You know a death we don’t talk about much is the death of this Academy Award winning/nominated B list actor who was killed by his celebrity girlfriend.

Oh, sure, she was not charged, but those closest to him know she was poisoning him and gaslighting him to the point he had no idea what was going on and made a will naming her as the sole beneficiary.

Previously his family members had been named.

Our celebrity also took out millions of dollars of life insurance policies on him and raided his bank accounts.

When she cleared out everything she could while he was living, she upped the dose of what she had been giving him and he died.

Then she cashed in on everything and moved on to the next victim.

Michael Clarke Duncan
Omarosa – Source

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