What everyone is trying to keep quiet is that at least one of the monkeys that was euthanized also was carrying Dengue.

That woman is incredibly lucky.

Michelle Fallon

Driver who stopped to help when truck carrying 100 lab monkeys crashed in Pennsylvania and put her hand in one of the cages says she now has a cough and pink eye after one of the macaques HISSED in her face

Woman who stopped to help monkeys in truck crash is now feeling unwell

Michelle Fallon, from Danville near Scranton, was directly behind the truck

Fallon said the day following the accident she developed a cough and pink-eye

She has begun a course of antiviral drugs and treatment to prevent rabies

The last of the four escaped monkeys was accounted for by late Saturday

One of the cynomolgus macaques, which are also known as crab-eating or long-tailed macaques, was found in a tree

Pennsylvania residents had been warned not to engage a crab-eating macaque that escaped from a truck carrying 100 of them to a lab

Crates with live monkeys inside were strewn across State Route 54 in Danville, 130 miles from Philadelphia, after the crash

A witness said he thought he saw a cat run across the road before making the shocking realization that it was actually a fleeing primate – Source

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