This A+ list model is also a reality star. She is also a pain. A big pain. One of her favorite tricks is to try and get things for free by telling staff she is borrowing something and never returning what she borrows. It gets the staff in trouble and causes a huge drop in the bottom line and our model does not care at all. She is like that though. Not too long ago she walked into a store that an A list designer runs. It has a couture section where you can try on the one off dresses and get them made to measure. Which costs a fortune. Some of the dresses cost well over $100K. There is a small team in the store who are used to dealing with celebrities and the rich and the angry, but were still flustered when this A list model walked through the door. She went straight up to one of the staff and demanded that she give her the dress in the window (a one off couture piece). She said that the designer had called her and said that she should come in and pick it up. No one had told the sales assistant who started to get nervous. Our model was completely awful to her calling her stupid and started raising her voice saying that this was ridiculous and that the designer would be furious that our model had been standing there for five minutes without getting what she came for. The sales assistant decided to call the designer. As soon as she got through to someone our model started to laugh and said “Oh darling I was just kidding!!” and then she promptly left.

Naomi Campbell


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