This former A- list mostly television actress turned sex trafficker/cult leader is hooking up with at least two people to pay for her legal defense.

One is a shocker.

Allison Mack


Sex slave cult recruiter Allison Mack is negotiating a plea deal as leader Keith Raniere pleads not guilty to additional charges of child pornography

Keith Raniere, the leader of the secretive self-help group NXIVM, pleaded not guilty to child pornography in Brooklyn federal court on Monday

He has already pleaded not guilty to charges including sex trafficking, kidnapping, and money laundering

Raniere allegedly operated a secret society that forced women ‘slaves’ to have sex with him and branded them with his initials

Allison Mack, a co-defendant in the case, is in ‘active plea negotiations’ with the government, federal prosecutors said on Monday

Mack is an actor who is best known for playing a teenage friend of Superman on the TV series Smallville

Nancy Salzman entered a guilty plea to a charge of racketeering in court on Wednesday, breaking down as she spoke and apologizing to her daughter

Lauren Salzman, another co-defendant, faces similar charges in federal court – Source

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