Old Hollywood

This foreign born nude dancer/actress/drug addict who died of an overdose made most of her money yachting.

It was special though.

She once hooked up with a King and said the sex was remarkable, so she became in demand from European royalty.

She was once thrown in jail after she told one King that he had a small package.

Anita Berber
Anita Berber was a German dancer, actress, and writer who was the subject of an Otto Dix painting. She lived during the time of the Weimar Republic

King: King of Yugoslavia

In 1919, Berber entered into a marriage of convenience with a man with the surname Nathusius. She later left him in order to pursue a relationship with a woman named Susi Wanowski, and became part of the Berlin lesbian scene.

Berber’s second marriage, in 1922, was to Sebastian Droste. This lasted until 1923. In 1925, she married a gay American dancer named Henri Ch璽tin Hofmann. They embarked on a tour round Europe ending in Zagreb after Berber was arrested for insulting the King. After Hofmann managed to secure her release, they continued around the Mediterranean and the Middle East. – Source: Wikipedia


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