It seems that about once or twice a year, there is manuscript floating around the publishing world that is full of good gossip. This one would be considered great gossip. I mean really great. It is written by an offspring of an Academy Award winner/nominee. The other great thing is the nominee/winner is still alive to see it written. We are not talking about things from way back in the past, but instead, are talking about things in the last five years. For the purposes of this blind, lets call our nominee/winner NW. Let us call the offspring SW. Makes the whole pronoun thing easier. NW had a threesome with SW and another woman. NW watched SW have sex with women on multiple occasions. NW showed SW sex videos which contained women NW had sex with and also, SW’s mom and another woman. Oh, there were also two videos which showed SW’s relative touching herself. There were hundreds of these tapes and some had some of the most famous women in the world. Many were hidden cameras and many were shot with the full knowledge of the participants. There are drugs mentioned on every page. It is the ultimate tell-all. After this book, there would be thousands of stories that could be written about everything that is inside. It is explosive.


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