Even though they had come to some type of an understanding about their marriage, this rocked it to the core and they are on very shaky ground. This foreign born A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show is being bombarded with questions about why her actor husband has been hanging out with the child p*rn loving director so much.

In fact, the two hang out at least once a week together, but the actress had no idea because of the distance between husband and wife.

Now that she found out, she is beyond livid.

Sofia Vergara

Joe Manganiello

James Gunn

Joe Manganiello’s Dungeons & Dragons Group Includes James Gunn And WWE’s Big Show

Next time someone says Dungeons & Dragons is for losers and dweebs, send them this article.

“True Blood” and “Justice League” actor Joe Manganiello is a big fan of the fantasy tabletop roleplaying game and it turns out plenty of Hollywood stars are, too. – Source


What did James Gunn say in the tweets that got him fired from Guardians Of The Galaxy?

Director James Gunn has been fired from the next installment of Guardians Of The Galaxy over offensive tweets he posted. But what exactly did he say? Gunn will no longer be able to direct Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 following a string of unearthed social media posts. A series of tweets were found from before Gunn began as director on Guardians Of The Galaxy, which made light of subjects like paedophilia and rape. One tweet read: ‘I like when little boys touch me in my silly place.’

Another read: ‘The best thing about being raped is when you’re done being raped and it’s like, “whew this feels great, not being raped!”’ – Source

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