Back before I wrote about the celebrity sex broker, I wrote about a guy who thinks of himself as a celebrity.

He kind of is. He sure knows a lot of them.

I wrote about, how, through the guise of a company he sends celebrities to Dubai and pockets money as a middleman, or in some cases pays them to have sex with him.

He used to have almost unlimited funds.

For the past few years though, his empire has started to show cracks.

His company, which used to have locations all over the world allowing for the shuttling of female celebrities to various countries for sex while making it look like they were making public appearances is floundering.

So, he fell back on an old standby. He created a church.

Yes, a church.

More of a spiritual center.

It must be a really successful church because within a couple of months of opening his first, there are four more that popped up in some of the same locations as his cover business.

The genius move on his part is now men who want to pay for a celebrity give a donation to his church.

They then get a tax deduction.

The owner then buys a bunch of product from the shell company which then pays the female celebrity.

Oh, and in just a couple of months, this former B+ list tweener turned A- list singer is spending two nights doing promotional work for the company in between two shows she is performing.

To land her, someone must have made a very very large donation to the spiritual center.

Sheeraz Hasan – Millions of Milkshakes
Selena Gomez


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