Most of the time if you go from nothing to being on the top of the entertainment world in a very quick span, people want to be your friend and suck up and people come out of the woodwork you have not seen in forever. You usually also get to settle a few old scores and walk on some people who walked on you or hurt you in some way. For this now B list mostly television actress who wants to be A list so bad, none of it is working out quite like she envisioned. First, there were the guys along the way she liked a lot and who she thought would be all over her now that she is a big deal. Nope. They said they did not like her before and nothing is going to change their mind now. She thought she would get to be a bitch to some people who she thought were mean to her on the way up, but they still don’t talk to her and still don’t like her and that is the thing our actress has not got yet. When I spoke to a couple of people they said the actress was not liked before she got famous and no one wants to kiss her butt now that she is famous. She is still a pain and has always thought she was better than everyone. No one wanted her to succeed and are hoping everyday she crashes and burns. She had very very few friends before and they were usually people she wanted something from. No one wants to be her friend now. There are no hangers on. The assistants who have horror stories like having to fish out feces from the toilet because our actress wanted to see their reaction for a possible script. The assistant who was forced to stay awake for 36 hours because the actress was lonely and said if the assistant fell asleep, that the actress would fire her and talk trash about her. Our actress has had to resort to paying guys to have sex with her because no one wants to be with her unless they are forced or getting paid.

Lena Dunham



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