I debated doing this blind item because it comes from a friend of a friend based on a comment someone made somewhere that someone posted on Instagram.

Not generally the kind of source I post about.

But, I. Believe. Every. Word.

And this should be an easy one to guess.

So, as the story goes, this reality show participant (RSP going forward) decided to take a short course in how to do something he/she wanted to do.

So RSP went to the training course and made a few very strange demands considering the circumstance.

RSP complained about the temperature of the room, when the temperature of the room was very important to what was being taught.

Despite the signage about what the topic was, RSP seem dumbfounded.

Then, later in the class the participants each had to read a small passage out loud.

It was then that everyone realized she could not read the signage or the material.

Everyone was very uncomfortable as said RSP could not read the assigned passage aloud.

I feel kind of uncomfortable as a reading specialist doing a post about an adult with minimal reading ability.

It’s really sad.

But again, it’s not shocking news to me.

And you will probably all get it right way… yes, even you! 🙂

But now that I think about it, there is more than one person who could fit this blind item.

Perhaps the part to guess is what was the RSP taking a course in?

Teresa Giudice

Real Housewives of New Jersey


‘RHONY’ Star Teresa Giudice Has Been Speaking Italian Since She Was a Child

Reality TV star Teresa Giudice has been open and proud of her Italian heritage. She and her family have been to the country multiple times, and she even visited her ex-husband Joe Giudice since he’s been deported to the country.

But when we do see Teresa, she’s almost always speaking English. We already know she was born in New Jersey, not Italy, but does she speak Italian? It turns out that she has a long history with the language and has been around it for years thanks to her family and trips she’s taken to Italy.
Does Teresa speak Italian?

Yes, Teresa has been open about speaking the language and has been since she was a child. “I learned to speak Italian in kindergarten,” she said in an interview according to The Daily Mail. The source also says that both of her parents are immigrants from Italy, so she grew up around the language as well. – Source

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