This three named A list rapper/singer got a taste of what happens when you make the wrong people angry.

No payola means your new song flops hard.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X Paid “Homage” To Kanye West By Urinating On His BET Award In The Artwork For His New Single

Last year, Lil Nas X made history when he kissed a male backup dancer during his performance at the BET Awards, an annual ceremony that celebrates Black people in the entertainment industry.

Shortly after the show, the openly gay star admitted that he was “trembling” before the kiss and that he struggled to mentally prepare himself because he knew it was unlike anything that’d happened at the awards show before.

“It took me a lot of time to mentally prepare for this performance. while on stage i was trembling knowing that i was performing something like that in front of my straight peers,” he tweeted at the time. “Even during the performance i was having a hard time calming my nerves.”

The kiss ended up sparking anti-gay backlash, but Lil Nas X still went on to enjoy a bumper year in the music industry.

In September, three months after his BET appearance, he released his critically acclaimed album Montero, which spawned two No. 1 singles: “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” and “Industry Baby,” which became the second-longest-running No. 1 song on the Billboard rap charts.

His success saw him dominate 2022’s awards circuit. He was nominated for five Grammys, two Brits, and five Billboard Music Awards and took home the Billboard accolade for Top Rap Song.

So Lil Nas X was understandably surprised when Montero was snubbed by the BET Awards this year, with the star receiving no nominations at all.

“Thank you bet awards,” he tweeted when this year’s nominees were first announced. “An outstanding zero nominations again. black excellence!”

When someone replied to ask why he deserved to be nominated, the rapper dryly replied, “idk maybe 3 of the biggest songs of last year & a critically acclaimed album. i feel like that should’ve helped me a bit.”

He later deleted his tweets, but a week later he was back on social media to double down on his stance, sharing a video of himself lip-synching to a preview of his single “Late to da Party,” which starts with the star repeating “Fuck BET.” – Source

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