Way to try and rewrite history you a-hole.

Everyone on this earth knows you pressured your permanent A list ex wife to start taking drugs and then got her started on crack.

No one believes your story that you were some kind of saint who was forced to sin.

That is ridiculous.

Bobby Brown

Whitney Houston

Bobby Brown blames ex-wife Whitney Houston for substance abuse as she offers him drugs amid his attempts to get clean in shocking new biopic

Bobby Brown claims his late ex-wife Whitney Houston offered him drugs following his prison stint in new biopic The Bobby Brown Story.

The late singer, portrayed by Gabrielle Dennis in the production, is seen becoming irritated when Bobby (Woody McClain) refuses to take cocaine following his release from prison in 2000, after spending 26 days behind bars and quitting cold turkey.

In the two-part biopic, which airs in the UK on Friday and Saturday, Bobby is seen attempting to stay clean, in spite of his wife’s efforts — countering relentless accusations that he was the bad influence in their ill-fated marriage. – Source

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