Depending on who you ask, the percentage of photos that had never been seen before on the now dead actor’s computer was about 30-40%.

No law enforcement official had ever seen them.

Fast forward a few years, and somehow they were leaked and are flooding the chat room run by the company that started out selling books.

You would think they would want to do something about that.

They won’t though, because you know, clicks and all.

Mark Salling

Wickr – Amazon

Wickr, Amazon’s encrypted chat app, has a child s.e.x. abuse problem — and little is being done to stop it

Wickr Me, an encrypted messaging app owned by Amazon Web Services, has become a go-to destination for people to exchange images of child s.e.x.u.a.l. abuse, according to court documents, online communities, law enforcement and anti-exploitation activists.

It’s not the only tech platform that needs to crack down on such illegal content, according to data gathered by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, or NCMEC. But Amazon is doing comparatively little to proactively address the problem, experts and law enforcement officials say, attracting people who want to trade such material because there is less risk of detection than in the brighter corners of the internet.

NBC News reviewed court documents from 72 state and federal child s.e.x.u.a.l. abuse or child p.o.r.n.o.g.r.a.p.h.y. prosecutions where the defendant allegedly used Wickr (as it’s commonly known) from the last five years in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, using a combination of private and public legal and news databases and search engines. Nearly every prosecution reviewed has resulted in a conviction aside from those still being adjudicated. Almost none of the criminal complaints reviewed note cooperation from Wickr itself at the time of filing, aside from limited instances where Wickr was legally compelled to provide information via a search warrant. Over 25 percent of the prosecutions stemmed from undercover operations conducted by law enforcement on Wickr and other tech platforms. – Source

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