This foreign born A- list singer seems to be everywhere right now.

At an after party last night she told a couple of women that while she was recording her latest single with this foreign born A- lister they were going back and forth all day and evening about pegging.

Well, she dared him to go through with it and he sent someone out to buy a toy and that night after they finished recording she did just that to him.

Dua Lipa

Calvin Harris

Dua Lipa Talks Calvin Harris, Addresses ‘Bond’ Theme Rumors at Billboard Music Awards: Watch

Dua Lipa caught up with Billboard’s Keith Caulfield on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (May 20) to chat about working with Calvin Harris, address rumors that she is recording the next James Bond theme song and to share a message with her LGBTQ fans ahead of Pride month.

The singer also discusses working with Calvin Harris on their latest track “One Kiss.” Harris, she says, “pays so much attention to detail,” while Lipa says she pays more attention to storyline. “What [Harris] does,” she says, “[Is that] he just has fun with everything he does and nothing really sounds like something that you’ve heard before. I think with him, and what you see from all his previous songs, is that everything’s constantly evolving and that you should never be afraid to change.” – Source

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