Lots of celebs fly first class, but not all act in a first-class manner when they fly.

Perhaps they should take a lesson from these two celebs, a married couple who are both well-known actors.

We’ll let someone who was on their flight tell the story.

**They were both sitting with [their child/ren] in Economy class.

A lot of people kept asking both of them for pictures, and they were very gracious to everyone who asked, even those who were a little rude about getting their pictures.

For example, at one point, [Actor] went into the lavatory, and when he came out a passenger snapped a picture with the flash directly in his face without asking, but he gave her a kind smile and then walked back to his seat.

The whole family was incredibly kind to the flight crew throughout the whole flight, and at one point one of the flight attendants wasn’t sure where she had seen him before, so he modestly told her that she might have seen him in [his current TV series], to which she replied no, it was something else.

She then remembered she recognized him from [a science fiction film].

This made both him and [Actress] laugh, him saying something along the lines of that being one of his lesser-remembered movies and he was impressed that was the one she had connected to him.

Throughout the flight they were all quiet for the most part, but were very polite (please and thank yous from everyone, including their kids, when asking for their beverages, etc).

All in all the entire family was very polite and very gracious to the other passengers and to the flight crew.

Nice to meet celebrities who aren’t pretentious and stuck up!**

BONUS CLUE 1: Happy Housewife
BONUS CLUE 2: They have both won Emmys and have both been nominated for Oscars.

Actor Husband: William H. Macy
Emmy win: “Door to Door” (2002)/Oscar nomination: “Fargo” (1996)
His current TV series: “Shameless”
Actress Wife: Felicity Huffman
Emmy win: “Desperate Housewives” (2004)/Oscar nomination: “Transamerica” (2005)

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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