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She will get nothing if he dies
August 18, 2013
She is having a baby
August 18, 2013

New boyfriend loves telling everyone that he is having sex with the star of a network show

This actress is B- list. She should be higher considering she is the star of a middling network hit that has been on the air for a few years now. She was mostly known prior to the show and likes people to think that she is this perfect person with a happy home life and everything is great. Turns out though that much of that happy home life came about because of an affair she had. One she does not talk about and will not talk about if asked. She likes it swept under the rug. The whole leaving her boyfriend and father of her child and lying about the reason. She likes to tell everyone it was this plain and vanilla reason when in reality it is because she met a very very rich man who threw money at her over the course of a very short time and promised her more and she dumped her boyfriend in a split second. It took him totally by surprise as one minute everything was fine and the next, her new boyfriend had hired movers and sent a private jet and our actress was moved out of her boyfriend’s place and into her new boyfriend’s place in a matter of hours. The new boyfriend loves telling everyone that he is having sex with the star of a network show. Within two minutes of meeting the guy he will tell you how they met and how he broke up the family and took her away from the other guy. The actress though? She keeps saying it was all very proper and innocent and nothing tawdry happened.

Popular guess: Poppy Montgomery


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