This former A- list dual threat actress made some news the past couple of years talking about being molested on sets while she was not even a teen and got a huge amount of money after the A list mostly television actor with his own network show se.xually harassed her.

I would love to ask the actress why she was being so furtive and secretive while walking down a street with two men, neither of whom were her husband.

Eliza Dushku

Michael Weatherly

Husband: Peter Palandjian

In January 2018, Dushku made public an account of her se.xual molestation by stunt coordinator Joel Kramer when she was 12 and working on True Lies. She wrote that soon after, an adult friend of Dushku confronted Kramer on set, and that the same day, Dushku was injured during a stunt and several of her ribs were broken, while Kramer was responsible for her safety. Kramer has denied the accusation of se.xual misconduct.

In January 2019, CBS made a $9.5 million settlement with Dushku after she was fired from a recurring role on Bull, after informing producers of series lead Michael Weatherly’s inappropriate behavior on the set. According to documents from the official mediation, Weatherly was recorded on video making comments about spanking Dushku over his knee, soliciting a threesome, alluding to se.xual assault in his “rape van,” and other inappropriate remarks. After Dushku spoke with producers, Weatherly texted CBS Television Studios’ president David Stapf saying he wanted to talk about Dushku’s sense of humor, though Stapf pushed back saying “Ms. Dushku made the show better.” Days later, showrunner Glenn Caron terminated her expected role on the show despite opposition from studio executives.The settlement amount was calculated to compensate Dushku for her loss of earnings from her planned promotion to series regular, with “well-developed plans” set to make her a regular cast member following her three-episode guest appearance. In December 2018, when the settlement was reported, Weatherly publicly apologized for the comments. Dushku responded that Weatherly broke the terms of their settlement by speaking to the press and characterized his apology as “more deflection, denial, and spin.” – Source

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